Miscarriage Clinic  

Consultant led pre-pregnancy and pregnancy support if you have had previous miscarriage or recurrent miscarriage 

Miscarriage Support 
If you have had a previous miscarriage and would like support then our consultant gynaecologist can discuss provide consultation and scans during your pregnancy 
Recurrent Miscarriage Clinic 
If you have had If you have had two or more miscarriages (recurrent miscarriage), our consultant gynaecologists can discuss this with you and provide scan and consultation and blood tests to try to understand the possibe reasons or associations. This is an individual tailored package. She will provide advice aimed at supporting you in a subsequent pregnancy . 
Fees for our Gynaecologists 
Initil Consultation  
Follow up appointment 
Pelvic ultrasound 
Consultation with a Gynaecologist 
Detailed history about 1st/2nd trimester losses  
Assess for other risk factors  
Perform a pelvic scan 
Blood tests to investigate causes 
Review the results and make a plan for future pregnancy. 
Recurrent Miscarriage Blood Tests 
Coagulation Profile 
Antithrombin III 
Factor V Leiden 
Common Mutation 
Factor II Prothrombin 
Common Mutation 
MTHFR Common Variants 
Lupus Anticoagulant 
Protein C 
Free Protein S Ag 
Anticardiolipin Abs 
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