Private Blood Tests in Beds, Herts, Bucks  

Private Blood tests - Women's, Fertility and General Blood Test Packages  
Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturday's only. 
Blood draw fee is £50 for all blood tests. There cost of the test is listed below. So the Total cost will be the blood draw + cost of the test. 
Additional blood tests available on request or referral 
For all the blood tests, we recommend that the patient makes an appointment for the blood test after they have discussed the blood test with a specialist. We do not interpret the blood test result. We will provide the blood test result for you to discuss with your own private specialist doctor or NHS doctor. Individual blood tests are also available on request. If the test you want is not listed please call us as this may be available. Samples are sent to and processed by The Doctor's Laboratory (TDL). Turn around time will depend on your appointment time and day, and from when sample is received by TDL Laboratory.  

General Blood Test Fees 

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Lab turn around time: 1 day 
FBC with 5-part Diff 
Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Bicarbonate, Urea, Creatinine, eGFR 
Bilirubin, Alk Phos, AST, ALT, Gamma GT, Total Protein, Albumin, Globulin 
LDH, CK, Calcium, Phosphate, Uric Acid, Glucose, Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Iron, Total Iron Binding 
FT4/TSH, Ferritin 
Thyroid Profile Icon
Lab turn around time: 1 day 
Anaemia `profile Icon
Lab turn around time: 2 days 
FBC + 5 part Diff ESR 
Iron, TIBC Ferritin 
B12 (Active) Folate (RBC) 
Female Hormone Profile Icon
Lab turn around time: 1 day 
LH, FSH, Prolactin, Oestradiol (17-Beta) 
Female Hormone Profile Icon
Basic Fertility check  
Lab turn around time: 1 day  
Day 2-5 FSH, LH 
Oestradiol, Day 21 progesterone test 
TFT (T4, TSH), Prolactin 
Anti mullerian hormone (AMH) 
Anti-Müllerian Hormone Icon
(AMA Plus) 
Lab turn around time: 1 day 
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Lab turn around time: 4 hours 
Oestradiol (17-Beta) 
Hirsutism Icon
Lab turn around time: 4 hours 
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Lab turn around time: 5 days 
A fasting 9.00 am sample is recommended 
Testosterone TSH Glucose HbA1C 
FSH DHEAs Insulin LH 
17 Hydroxyprogesterone Lipid Profile 
Anti-Müllerian Hormone Androstenedione  
Beta hCG Icon
Lab turn around time: 4 hours 
Beta hCG 
Results in 1 day 
Urine MSU Icon
Lab turn around time : 1-2 days 
Urine for microscopy and culture 
Results in 1-2 days 
Sexual Health - 7 STI Profile by PCR Icon
7PCR Tests from 1 Sample 
Lab turn around time: 2 days 
Chlamydia trachomatis 
Mycoplasma genitalium 
Trichomonas vaginalis 
Gardnerella vaginalis 
Herpes Simplex I/II 
Results in 2 days 

Pregnancy Blood Test and GBS Fees 

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Blood test only 
With dating scan 
Mother & Baby
From £375 
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Group B Strep 
Results in 3-5 days 

Additional blood tests are available on request or referral  

Individually priced - price on request 
If you have any questions please call us on 01582943770, email or click below for our contact form. 
For 3D/4D Bonding scans we give 99% + guarantee that we get good views as scans are done by our 3D/4D Specialist  
and there will be no need for a re-scan 
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