Anytime Reassurance scan  

16 to 35 weeks 
Thursday mornings only 
The reassurance scan will see and hear the fetal heart beat and assess the size of the baby and amniotic fluid around the baby. It will also assess the placenta. As well as measurements it can be an amazing bonding scan.  
This scan can be done between 16 and 35 weeks 
15 minute appointment 
Printed report 
Basic growth measurements 
Includes 4 prints within the report 
Limited anatomy check and therefore you must have your NHS dating and 20 week NHS scans. Affordable option between your NHS scans. 
Gift Bag 
GP referral not required 
This scan is not long enough for assessment of anatomy. Anatomy check is not the main purpose of the scan. You must have your NHS anomaly scan to check the fetal anatomy. 
This is a non-medical scan 

Wellbeing Scan-Fetal Growth- Dunstable Luton-Bedfordshire Hertfordshire Buckinghamshire 

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