Antenatal Classes and Birth Preparation in Bedfordshire Hertfordshire & Buckinghamshire 

Why Choose Us? 

Why our antenatal classes are different? Quite simply, we keep it real. We want you to have a great Bump and Birth Journey. Your pregnancy and birth are your journey. Your own individual experience. Your reality. 
We are focused on keeping it real whilst you are on that road. Yes, it starts with a positive pregnancy test but it is in no ways a one-way road. Whilst the changes that happen to your body in pregnancy and the mechanisms of birth are age old, the way we take care of ourselves during pregnancy and birth have changed significantly. No more old fashioned rules of same size fits all. Today you create your own rules. You have more control over your pregnancy and your birth than expectant parents had years ago 
The classes are run by midwives and obstetricians. Collectively we have dedicated our careers to supporting expectant parents through their pregnancies, postnatal and early parenting life. We have delivered women from all walks of life, all ages, low risk and high risk pregnancies. We have seen it when all goes well and when things do not go as planned. We have heard what couples want through our daily practice. 
So our mission is to keep all expectant parents informed with up to date information about all aspects of pregnancy, birth and life with a new baby. We also know the value in forming great friendships with like-minded people that are also sharing the pregnancy road. We want the next few months to be fun so we arrange coffee mornings for expectant parents to get know each other 

Our Inspiration for Birth Preparation  

To provide realistic up to date evidence based information and tools to have a calm serene birth whichever way you deliver. To provide continuous support and be the go-to people for any questions you may have about bump and birth 
To provide a social network community of expectant parents that can meet and enjoy the pregnancy journey together and form supportive friendships that can go beyond bump birth and baby. We see the difference in expectant couples that are prepared. They are confident, relaxed and take things a step at a time. That makes the experience of the journey wonderful. 

Our Promise: Knowledge we share  

Our classes are made up of 4 x 90 minute sessions at £200 per couple or £100 per person for group classes. 
Bespoke classes are as many as you want from 3 x 90 minute sessions at £150 per couple or £75 per person or one to one at £50 per hour. 
Baby Bump
Class 1 - Pregnancy 
This will give expectant parents balanced information and advice for a safe pregnancy and positive birth experience. We will discuss the antenatal journey provide advice on maintaining a healthy lifestyle and mindfulness.  
We will discuss the stages of development of the baby and what this means for the pregnancy and how this may explain how you feel at different stages of pregnancy. 
Antenatal Class
Class 2 - Birth 
We will help you to understand how your body will respond to labour and birth, how to cope with the early stages of labour and to recognise when to contact your hospital. We will give both you and your birthing partner lots of ideas to help with the natural birth process including how to help your unborn baby adopt a good position before birth, pain relief options, hypnobirthing and various positions that will maximise how your body will labour. 
Our obstetricians will will talk you through situations where intervention might me necessary to safeguard both the mother and baby, we aim to give you the information to make informed choices that will ensure that you and your partner maintain control of your care and that of your baby 
Mother and Baby
Class 3 - After Birth Postnatal 
The postnatal period is also very important for your transition to parents. We will help you to recognise a well-baby and when you need to seek medical advice. 
We will look at how you might choose to feed your baby – breast or formula, and how to maintain your own emotional and physical well-being in the early weeks as parents 
Mothers Group
Class 4 - Last minute catch up 
Our team will be available to answer any questions that arise following our classes 
Mother & Baby
Laughing Baby
We recommend starting the classes at around 28-30 weeks pregnant. Both first time and second time or third time plus mums are welcomed. 
Baby Bump

Other offerings 

The Bump & Birth Journey Group 

There is a saying " it takes a village to raise a child" and this group is an all supporting informal meet and greet hosted by our clinic midwives. If your are expecting and looking for a great group of like-minded parents to be to share the journey, look no further than this group. Our midwives are here to provide prenatal and postnatal advice. We have everything covered. 
Our midwives will give you expert advice and tips on labour and delivery, Complementary therapies, infant feeding, bathing, baby massage and getting fit after pregnancy.  
These sessions will complement your NHS or private maternity care. 
Completely free to attend. Just email your interest in attending to confirm your place. 

Bespoke classes 

• Mums40plus 

• Having a caesarean 

• More than one baby on board 

• Having a VBAC 

Postnatal reunion for Bump & Birth Journey 

Meet up session and for any last minute questions or new ones that arise from having a baby! A chance to discuss your birthing experience if you wish or share your experience 

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