Viability Scan/Early Pregnancy Reassurance  

6 to 14 weeks  
Personally performed by Dr. Bamfo or Miss Jagadeesan 
Transabdominal scan 
£150 from 6-8 weeks with Miss Jagadeesan  
£120 from 8 weeks with Dr Bamfo  
The viability scan is the first scan of pregnancy.  
Whilst many clinics offer this scan at 6 weeks, our expert specialists believe it is best to wait until at least 7 weeks if you have no concerns because it will allow you to see the early anatomy which will make the scan even more reassuring and avoid dissapointment.  
Specialist scans are available if you have had recurrent miscarriage, are having fertility treatment / IVF , you have early pregnancy pain or bleeding or have had a previous ectopic pregnancy. 
This scan will: Check heart beat and viability, confirm the number of fetuses and date the pregnancy. The appointment will be around 15 to 20 minutes. 15 minute appointment. We will show you as much detail, such as baby’s movements, position, hands, feet, umbilical cord and placenta (subject to gestation and views. You will get a full printed report and photo. Transvaginal/internal scans may be needed if views are not clear on transabdominal scan 
Baby Scan

Reassurance if you are not sure of your dates 

Baby Scan

Reassurance if you have had an IVF/Fertility Pregnancy 

Baby Scan

Reassurance if you have had an ectopic pregnancy 

Baby Scan

Reassurance if you have had a previous miscarriage 

Questions about having a viability scan explained 

The NHS does not routinely offer viability scans. So if you are pregnant, a private viability scan can be a way to rest your mind about your pregnancy. It may be your first pregnancy and you may not know what to expect. If you have had fertility treatment, having a viability scan can reassure you.  
Yes, a viability scan can show that you are going to have twins. 
An early viability scan can be performed from 6 weeks but we believe it is better to wait until 7 weeks if you have no concerns.  
No, early viability scans are not known to be harmful and do not hurt the baby and do not cause miscarriage.  
We will provide you with a report on the day of the findings of the scan. Sometimes, scans may show an unexpected finding that a miscarriage has occurred, or the scan is not able to confirm an ongoing pregnancy. Where this happens, we will refer you to your GP or a private gynaecologist for further diagnosis and management. 
For mums undergoing fertility treatment, we offer reassurance scans because we know that the first trimester especially can be an anxious time. Sometimes pregnancy symptoms can cause concern especially if there has been a long journey to pregnancy. Our scans are performed by senior sonographers and doctors for that extra reassurance 

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