Antenatal Classes and Birth Preparation in Bedfordshire and Surrounding Areas 

Why Choose Us? 

Congratulations on your pregnancy  
If you are considering antenatal classes, here is why our antenatal classes are unique and a great choice for you.  
Quite simply, we keep it real. We want you to have a great Bump and Birth Journey. Your pregnancy, bump, and birth are your journey. We want your birth to be a fantastic empowering and happy calm experience. And we want you to make great friends along the way.  
Our classes are fun packed and social. We will teach you all the important techniques and up-to-date information you need to know for birth and starting postnatal life. We know the value in forming great friendships with like-minded people that are also starting the parenting road. 
Bump & Birth Journey

Our class will cover what to expect when you are expecting. 

Our classes are run by a midwife that has dedicated her maternity career to supporting expectant parents through their pregnancies, postnatal and early parenting life. 
So if you end up having a normal birth or if you have an assisted birth, or planned birth, you will learn time tested techniques to keep you in control so you achieve the right birth for you.  
Whilst there are many antenatal classes out there, our classes are bespoke and can be tailored specifically to your needs. Our groups are smaller than the NHS but still large enough to make new friendships. You may have attended another antenatal class and been left with more questions than answers, our qualified midwives can address them and leave you feeling confident and looking forward to birth and parenting.  
You can book online or email on call using the contact on our website. 
Meet Zoe Nutt, our Antenatal Class Midwife 
Zoe Nutt, our Antenatal Class Midwife

Our Inspiration for Birth Preparation  

To provide realistic up to date evidence based information and tools to have a calm serene birth whichever way you deliver. To provide continuous support and be the go-to people for any questions you may have about bump and birth. To provide a social network community of expectant parents that can meet and enjoy the pregnancy journey together and form supportive friendships that can go beyond bump birth and baby. We see the difference in expectant couples that are prepared. They are confident, relaxed and take things a step at a time. That makes the experience wonderful. 

Our Promise: Knowledge we share  

Our classes are made up of 3 x 2-hour sessions from £150 per couple 
One to one sessions are also available (price on asking). 
For local mums to meet our midwives and each other and get a taster of what the antenatal classes have to offer. Fourth Thursday of the month. £40. for 2 hour session.  
See T & C's 
Antenatal Class
Week 1 
Signs of labour 
Process of labour 
Methods of Pain relief including benefits of hypnobirthing 
New Born Baby
Week 2 
Delivery of the baby 
Delivery of the placenta 
Immediate post delivery care 
Going home 
New Family
Week 3 
Postnatal care 
Infant feeding  
Optional extra session on baby massage 
We recommend starting the classes at around 25 to 36 weeks pregnant. 
For both first time and second time plus mums 
Full payment is required to secure your place. The fee is non-refundable. Full payment is due within 10 working days of the meet up. 
Bump and Birth Journey Class 
Full payment is due 4 weeks before the course which confirms your place for the course. A confirmatory email will be sent to you. 
Once your payment has been received we will send you a confirmation email. 
Baby Bump

Bespoke classes 

• Mums40plus 

• Having a caesarean 

• More than one baby on board 

• Having a VBAC 

Focus on National Childbirth Guidelines 

You can trust that our classes are based on current national evidence-based guidelines 

Do I need a GP to refer to Private Antenatal Classes? 

No you do not need a GP to refer you. We welcome pregnant mums from all the local hospitals of Luton, Dunstable, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford, Hertfordshire, Watford, Aylesbury and Milton Keynes.  

Refresher Classes/ Reunion Classes 

Refresher classes will be available to meet up and discuss any last minute questions or new ones that arise from having a baby! A chance to discuss your birthing experience if you wish or share your experience. These will be available on request. We will also share any useful local resources such as children and family centres and any available services in Central Bedfordshire, North Beds, South Beds, Herts and Bucks.  

Common questions parents-to-be have at antenatal classes?   

During the classes parents-to-be often have lots of questions about terms that are used by healthcare professionals and  
we provide as much general information about these. 
What does birth options actually mean? 
Who can deliver on a midwifery led birthing unit, and how is this different from consultant ed delivery unit? 
Can all women have home-births? 
What happens if a complication occurs.....does that change the birth plan? 
Will there be support for infant feeding or an infant feeding advisor? 
How private midwifery led antenatal classes are different from classes given by antenatal teachers or NHS midwifery led parent education antenatal classes 
What is the postnatal ward like? 
What support is provided by the health visitor? 
Contact us for more information and dates 
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