FERTILITY AND MATERNITY REFLEXOLOGY  £75 for 60 minutes  Individual pricing for advanced treatments We also offer a general well women reflexology   

Serene Mind, Serene Body 
We offer Reflexology at the Aster Baby Scan Clinic. 
Reflexology is a complementary or holistic therapy that encourages relaxation and self-healing. It is a form foot massage where specific points or reflex points on your feet are massaged. These reflex points correspond with parts of the body. 
Reflexologists use a foot map that reflects the whole body. Energy and endorphins are released when gently pressure is applied and this has general health and wellness benefits. Reflexology has been used in Chinese therapy for hundreds of years. It aims to restore the balance and harmony within the body and enhances wellness. 
Fertility and maternity reflexology is specifically tailored to assist with fertility issues, IVF Support, pregnancy and childbirth. Make your pregnancy an enjoyable experience with Reflexology! 
A serene mind is a serene body. Reflexology is great for maintaining a healthy balance, restoring wellbeing, sleep and reducing stress and anxiety 

We offer Reflexology at the Aster Baby Scan Clinic if you are pregnant and also non pregnant people 



Many couples who are having difficulty conceiving are told there is nothing wrong physically and that their problem is primarily psychological. Worrying about being infertile can make the situation worse - you can't fall pregnant until you relax and you can't relax until you fall pregnant. Anxiety and worry can create the very physical problems that prevent conception. 
Non-physical causes of fertility issues often lie in unnecessary stress and worry. Reflexology encourages a deep relaxation which alleviates stress and tension so that conception may take place. 
Reflexology works on balancing all of the body systems to provide a healthy body for conception to take place. Gentle pressure to reflex points balances the hormonal system and stimulates the reproductive organs. Both women and men can benefit from treatments for individual reasons, such as regulation of menstruation and stimulation of sperm production. 
IVF Support 
The stress reduction benefits of reflexology cannot be underestimated. Anything that can assist in boosting endorphin production (feel good hormones) and reduce stress hormones can only be a good thing. There have been studies carried out recently to back up the positive effect of endorphins during fertility treatments. 


Maternity Reflexology is a safe and enjoyable treatment to use during pregnancy. Maternity reflexology is one of the most supportive therapies for pregnant women and is extremely relaxing and calming for the mind, body and baby. From the early stages of morning sickness to delivery discomfort, pregnancy can be physically demanding. Maternity reflexology can help with relief of many complaints. It has the following benefits: 
Morning sickness 
Nausea and headaches 
Pain & discomfort 
Loss of bladder control 
Lack of sleep & fatigue 
Digestive problems e.g. constipation 
Low back and pelvic pain 
Pelvic girdle pain (symphysis pubis pain) 
Stress and anxiety 
Swelling in feet and ankles and hands 
Anxiety in labour 
Pain relief requirements in labour 
Bringing on labour naturally 
Reducing labour duration 
Less pain relief requirements in labour 
Improved postnatal recovery from birth 
Improved postnatal hormone balance 
Reflexology can play an important role leading up to the birth. There is documented evidence supporting the fact that expectant mothers who received regular reflexology treatments during their pregnancy experienced significantly shorter labours with less intervention than those who didn't receive any treatments. 
Post Natal 
Once a baby has arrived, parents' lives may be thrown into unusual routines, feeding times, lack of sleep, and general exhaustion. 
Reflexology can help to; 
Calm and relax 
Increase energy levels 
Re-balance the body 
Stabilise body weight 
Aid lactation 
Prevent or reduce post-natal depression 
Reflexology is not suitable if you have a history of: 
A complicated pregnancy 
Increased amniotic fluid or polyhydramnios 
Reduced amniotic fluid or oligohydramnios 
Threatened or premature labour 
At risk of a Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) 
Placenta previa (grade 3 or 4) 
We do not recommend reflexology if you are in the first trimester. There is very small evidence to show that reflexology causes miscarriage but we recommend avoiding in the first trimester. 
When you attend we will check your medical history with you. We ask you to bring your maternity notes if possible. We always recommend that your check with your GP, consultant or midwife before starting reflexology treatments. 
For more information or to book a session, please call our clinic or email us. 
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