When to have Pregnancy Scans?  

Pregnancy Scan Guide 
Trimester Graphic
First Trimester  
0 to 14 weeks 
Second Trimester 
14 to 28 weeks 
Third Trimester 
29 to 40 weeks 
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First Trimester Information   

Early Pregnancy Information 

The first three months of pregnancy 
During this time pregnant women will see their midwife to plan pregnancy care, ideally by 10 weeks. 
Pregnancy screening tests will be offered. These will check for common problems like low iron count (anemia), blood grouping, infections that can cause problems for baby, and check to see if women have any medical or obstetric conditions that might make the pregnancy high risk. Women may be referred to an obstetrician at this time.  
An early scan is not usually offered until 10 weeks in the NHS which is a long wait. Having an early pregnancy scan is reassuring and having an idea about pregnancy dates means that women can inform their midwives of their dates which can help to plan further appointments. 
The combined test (nuchal translucency and blood hormones) is typically offered to screen for Down's syndrome between 11 weeks 0 days and 13 weeks 6 days. The detection rate of this is around 85%. The 16-week blood test has a detection rate around 75%. 
The Harmony test has a higher detection rate of 99% and is not offered in the NHS but can be done at Aster. 
Pregnant women are also given useful information about diet and lifestyle, folic acid, vitamin D, and how to take care of themselves during pregnancy. Information is given about antenatal classes. Consider having antenatal classes at The Aster Baby Scan Clinic. Unlike many private antenatal classes you get a change to meet a midwife! 
See our FAQ's about our scans and also directions.  
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 Second Trimester Information  


The second three months of pregnancy 
During this time pregnant women will see their midwife for a check and the typical time is around 16 weeks. This is usually the first time to hear the heart beat in the NHS. Having a private reassurance scan provides an earlier opportunity to hear the baby's heart beat which is fantastic for bonding. If women wish to know, a gender scan can confirm the fetal sex from 16 weeks. 
First trimester NHS screening results are usually back by 16 weeks and additional reassurance is available with the Harmony test if needed. 
The 20-week anatomy scan is performed this time in the NHS and may provide another opportunity for gender. If gender cannot be seen, this can be checked at The Aster Baby Scan Clinic. 
Midwives will see women again at round 25 and 28 weeks. 
Private growth scans are performed at The Aster Baby Scan Clinic if required. 
This is a great time for the 4D Bonding scans. 
Midwives will give information about general wellbeing, exercise and lifestyle. Antenatal classes are a fantastic way to meet other parents. 
From 24 weeks the fetus can hear noises, so this is a good time to start to talk to the baby. 
See our FAQ's about our scans and also directions. 
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 Third Trimester Information  

Before Birth 

The last three months 
During this time pregnancy scans allow parents to start bonding before the birth of the baby. 
Midwives will see women again at round 31, 34, 36, 38, 40, 41 weeks to assess the wellbeing of hte woman and the fetus. 
An estimated fetal weight can also be assessed by an ultrasound wellbeing scan. 
Our third trimester scans 
A presentation scan during this time will assess the position of the baby. 
If considering antenatal classes why not try the Bump and Birth Journey classes. 
Baby can now open eyes and start making sucking movements and midwives can give tips on how to continue to develop the baby bond 
Midwives will provide birth preparation information and tips on coping with labour pains. 
They can also provide education on what happens if labour does not start on its own 
Midwives can also provide information on skin to skin contact after birth and early feeding. 
See our FAQ's about our scans and also directions. 
For more information or to book a session, please call our clinic or email us. 
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